Old Orchard Beach, Maine Fishing Charters. We offer Family fishing charters for the novice to the most experienced angler. Children fishing charters, lobstering demonstrations, seal watching, scenic cruises, and more. All within 5 minutes of Old Orchard Beach Maine!!

About Us

The Trina Lyn is the longest operating fishing charterboat In the Old Orchard Beach Maine Area.

History of The Trina Lyn:

Trina Lyn Fishing Charters is owned and operated by Captain Todd Stewart. Todd has spent most of life living in the seaside town of Saco Maine. Todd graduated from Thornton Academy also in Saco in 1986.

Todd grew up fishing both salt and freshwater, but has always enjoyed the thrill of Saltwater fishing as the opportunities for bigger and bigger fish seemed endless. As a kid, many evenings during the summer Todd could be found standing along the rocks on the Camp Ellis Breakwater catching Mackerel. After getting a bucket full of the very oily fish, he would attempt to give them away, only to find out most people were not interested in his mackerel, as they are a rather strong tasting fish and much better suited for lobster bait.

After several years as a boat owner fishing for everything from Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod, Haddock, Shark, Giant Bluefin Tuna, Captain Todd earned his Master Captains License in 1993, and then went on to create Trina Lyn Fishing Charters in 1994. When Todd first started the charter business, his only intention was to supplement his fuel and tackle costs for Commercial Tuna Fishing as that was his passion for several years. At the same time there were only a couple other fishing charter operations in the Old Orchard Beach area, mostly focussed on offshore fishing for Groundfish, Shark, and Giant Bluefin Tuna. Todd realized a need for a near coastal charter boat and decided that in addition to his “lobstering hobby” and commercial tuna fishing he would also run a fishing charter business.

Striped Bass were just beginning to rebound, and the Bluefish were on a gradual down swing from the phenomenal action of the previous several years. The first few years of chartering, Todd learned a lot about the business. His only form of marketing or advertisement was hand-delivering brochures to the hotels in Old Orchard Beach. Todd quickly started building a list of repeat customers as well as “word of mouth” referrals from previous customers and hotel owners.

The original Trina Lyn was a 1991 20’ Eastern Cuddy Cabin Boat. The boat was named after his daughter Katrina Lyn who was also born in 1991. This boat worked “OK” for charters, but it did not take Todd very long to realize a “cuddy cabin” boat was not the ideal inshore boat for his style of fishing. In 1997 Todd began the process of building a new Center Console Boat. Todd ordered what is known as a “bare hull” from a lobster boat building company in East Blue Hill, Maine called Webbers Cove Boats. It was nothing more then a solid fiberglass “shell” when Todd picked the hull up one cool morning in Late October 97.

From that point Todd laid out the design of the boat. He felt that the tried and true “straight inboard” engine set up, with an inline shaft that is protected by a full keel would be the best method of power. After all, Maine Lobstermen have been using this same style of boat for over a hundred years. Todd also wanted the boat to have a center console that set further aft then many center consoles. This would allow customers plenty of room for fishing in the forward portion of the boat, yet also allow Todd room for rigging tackle in the aft section. After a lot of research Todd decided that a GM350 Marine engine with a Borg Warner Transmission would be the best option. Although a diesel engine was also very strongly considered.

After a long winter of building the boat, she was ready for sea trials in May 1998. Todd was surprised that as soon as the vessel was launched, it performed perfectly. Customers loved the boat, and  business continued to take off for Trina Lyn Fishing Charters. Other fishing charters boats were getting out of the business, and it was not long before the Trina Lyn was the only charter boat in the Old Orchard Beach Area. What started out as a simple supplement to his fuel bills for Tuna Fishing was quickly turning into a full time job and then some. Todd would be running anywhere from 15-20 half day trips on a weekly basis from Mid June through Labor Day.

In 1999 this web site came into existence as the internet was the hottest trend. Business continued to grow and grow. Within a few years a new charter boat or two would pop up on the scene and “hop on the bandwagon”. Some of the new charter boats would last a year or two and then disappear, while others simply copied everything possible that made Trina Lyn Fishing Charters what it is today. They say “imitation is the best form of flattery”. With the increase in competition, Captain Todd is still proud to have a long list of repeat customers as well as a wide range of new customers each and every season. We still do not have any paid advertisements other then this web site and our one page brochure. Yet, many customers who have been coming aboard the Trina Lyn each summer for several years, consider fishing on the Trina Lyn as much of a tradition as eating Maine Lobster and going to the beach.

Over the past few years we have added a small merchandise line as well as children’s hourly fishing charters and lobstering demonstrations. Scenic cruises are also available as well as burials at sea.

In 2008 the Trina Lyn underwent a major rehab. We added a new 310 hp motor, new transmission, new deck with non-skid paint, new canvas enclosure, wash down tanks and pump and a few other miscellaneous items.

If you are a previous customer, Captain Todd looks forward to seeing you again. If you are new to Trina Lyn Fishing Charters we welcome you aboard and hope that you find a new hobby and tradition when coming to Maine for many years to come.




Trina Lyn Fishing Charters is a division of Stewart Marine Inc.
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