Old Orchard Beach, Maine Fishing Charters. We offer Family fishing charters for the novice to the most experienced angler. Children fishing charters, lobstering demonstrations, seal watching, scenic cruises, and more. All within 5 minutes of Old Orchard Beach Maine!!
Celebrating 25 years as Old Orchard Beach longest running charter business

Updated 8/4/18 -


Hello All!!,

We are well into our 25th season as a fishing charter boat in Old Orchard Beach Maine. So far this very busy season we have seen plenty of Striped Bass. Unfortunetly the bait that we typically catch has not been as plentiful as in previous years. However we are still enjoying 100% success rate on all charters.

As previously noted, I run my charters Monday - Friday in July and August, 12 hours each day. No weekends. Too many recreational fishermen and part-time charter boats out there. It also allows for some family time during Maine's short summer.

After several years of keeping our rates the same, it was neccesary this year to go up slightly. Primarily due to the increased and expected higher fuel costs. Other operational costs also continue to rise such as boat maintenance and insurance.

Capt. Todd

Updated 5/1/14 - A couple points of interest to customers who are in the process of planning a chartered fishing trip this summer in the Old Orchard Beach area, ~ ALL the fish caught on the TRINA LYN have come from fishing in the Ocean. After more then 20 years of running sportfishing charters in the Old Orchard Beach Maine area ~ on the Trina Lyn we continue to pride ourselves by NOT taking our clients up into rivers, boat mooring fields, or harbors . Check with your charter captain before you make a reservation on where he intends to take you fishing on your trip. Also throughout this website we have posted hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Every fish posted on this website or any other Trina Lyn website was actually caught on the TRINA LYN.

For those on a budget, I would caution you against using a "cut-rate" charter boat. While reserving a quality boat for a charter can be expensive, safety also should be one of your top concerns. Ask to see pictures of their boat if they do not provide pictures on their website. When you are looking at fish supposedly caught on their boat, make sure that you can see the same boat in the picture that they tell you they fish out of. If you are seeing palm tree's in the background, then there is a good chance that something may not add up. If they do not provide any pictures on their literature or website, well I guess my advice would be "buyer beware".

Also, for the 2014 season, we have decided to operate our fishing charters Monday - Friday ONLY. This decision is due to the desire to spend more time with my family during Maine's short summer season, as well as to dodge the weekend-warrior fleet of recreational fisherman and the part-time recreational charter captains. Those who have fished with me before will understand......

Have a great summer and vacation in Maine.

Capt. Todd

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